When in Italy, do as the Italians do.

Despite my first 12 hours in Florence being a little rough and a very tight filming schedule, I've had no problems embracing this motto in the past week. As we filmed, we ate well. Not only are the ingredients fresh but so are the flavors of this city. It's a place rich in historical sounds, sights, and smells. I've loved being able to galavant about with the camera as I produced the next Gustavus Abroad story with Scott here in Italy. In addition to that, the hospitality I have felt from both Scott and his program as we've filmed has been outstanding.

I'm happy to admit that the biggest bummer of the week was that the Italian culture does NOT endorse doggie bags after your meal. What a loss. I'm sure the memories from the meals I've had this week will stay as fresh in my mind as when the plate was set down in front of me. Here's some behind the scenes from my time in Florence and Venice.