I am in Europe to film three stories for Gustavus:

Two study abroad stories and one about a successful alum. What’s it like to work in Spain? It’s about 8x more walking (at 20 pounds heavier) than a normal day for me includes. Wherever I needed to go to film anything this week, I walked there. Depending on what I was filming I brought different gear but it generally fell into about 15-20 pounds of camera equipment that I packmuled around with me this week (and that's traveling light!).

I’ve used everything I brought consistently. The iKan Fly tool was a great investment and addition to have to the big camera. I’ve been able to use it for some awesome moving/walking shots and in places where my DSLR / monopod aren’t allowed to be used.

The Spanish think it was a “cold” week here in the 70s but it was perfect for me  to work. There was a slight breeze and I got quite a bit of sun too :) This pleasant weather made walking everywhere very nice.

It’s been a full work week here! Emily and I tried to fit in capturing as many things in that are typical of her life in Spain while I was visiting. We even snuck a weekend trip to Granada into the schedule so I could show what it’s like for students to travel while studying abroad. We fit a lot in on our weekend trip and got to know the city well for the two and half days we were there. My favorite activity is a tie between touring the Alhambra and the six course meal we had on our last night there at a restaurant at the base of the Alhambra.

Emily was so, so great to work with. Very natural on camera, up for whatever I asked her to do, and incredibly patient with me being slow having to get shots of things as we went from place to place. Never hurts to be working with a friend either :) Overall it was a whirlwind of a good week! On to Italy now for filming the second story for Gustavus.