One of the most rewarding parts of my job is preserving moments on video that people can remember for a lifetime. Usually I am filming this content myself for a wedding or other marking moment in a person’s life, but sometimes I end up editing footage someone else has shot.

Recently I put together an edited digital video for my parents 28th anniversary. It was already captured and in a cohesive video on their VHS tape, so why would I take the time to create a new version? I did this for a few reasons:

The likelihood of my parents spending 2 hours enjoying this event each year by sitting down to watch a VHS tape is unlikely (assuming they can even find a VHS player…). This amazing celebration should be re-lived at every desired opportunity- or at least once a year on a couple’s anniversary- without having to fuss with outdated technology to do so. My parents didn’t have that option with the previous version of their wedding video.

Most people of the people present at that wedding had never seen this footage. It’s not like my parents had the opportunity to showcase their special day on social media for all to see 28 years ago. Even I had never even seen this footage until I pursued this project. Having a shorter, more updated version of their wedding video allowed myself and others a chance to (re)experience this marking moment first-hand- I felt like I was there, as did others who weren’t present on the wedding day- and for those who were, they got to take a fun trip down memory lane.

Finally, if the original VHS tape gets lost, the entire recording of the wedding is lost too. While the cinematic quality of the video isn’t high, having this celebration captured on video is a beautiful thing. Creating an edited version of the event for them means that this video is stored online, where it will live forever and be easy to access. Additionally, all of the footage is now saved to an external hard drive too.

Fast forward to this past weekend and I gave my parents two gifts to celebrate the last 28 years of marriage and many more to come. See below to enjoy the short film and documentary edit of their wedding I created for all to enjoy.

Short Film

Documentary Film